What We Do

Our objective at the Killengolf Academy is to provide players of all skill levels with a comprehensive plan to achieve their Goals.  We have many resources at our disposal, how we use those resources depends on each players individual allocation of time to golf, the players physical limitations, and level of performance they are trying to achieve.

If you look at 50 random PGA tour players you see many different swings. The common factor among all good players is the predictability of their shot pattern and the ability to consistently do the same thing. We like to take an in depth look at what your pattern is and what you do and do not like about the pattern and how it influences your performance on the course. Gathering the information (video, CoP trace and weight shift, club data) and discussing the players goals are crucial when establishing what needs to be taken away from the first lesson, and what to expect in the future.

The Learning Center

  • 3 indoor bays
  • 3 Trackman Units
  • Swing Catalyst 3d motion Plate
  • K-Vest
  • S.A.M. Putt Lab


  • TPI Level 3 Fitness Instructor

Green Reading

  • Aimpoint certified instructor on site