Killen golf is here to help get your game the best it has ever been. Due to Matt’s responsibilities on tour with his numerous players, he is available for lessons in Bowling Green, Ky at Olde-Stone primarily on Saturday and Sunday. Lessons run for 30 minutes, but additional time can be booked. Matt is not limited to working just on your full swing, in fact, we highly encourage working on short game as well since this is where most strokes will be gained. Using one of our three short game greens he can work on different chip shots, or your putting stroke.

Tyler can also help improve your overall game and is available Tuesday through Sunday. When Tyler is not teaching you will typically find him observing Matt’s lessons to learn more!
Desperately need more yardage off the tee, of course we all want more. You have come to the perfect person to help boost your club head speed which will help your send the ball further down the fairway than ever before.

To schedule a lesson with Matt or Tyler call or text: 270-469-5890